Sunday, May 3, 2009


HOORAY! I bet all FILIPINO around the WORLD is cheering to its BOXER HERO MANNY PACQUIAO last May 2, 2009. One of the most anticipated FIGHT of the YEAR is OVER. Manny wins over Ricky Hatton via KNOCK OUT in the last SECONDS of the second round at MGM GRAND GARDEN ARENA, Las Vegas, USA. This put him to the most and one of the greatest fighters on the world.

Winning in four divisions makes him recognized and make his fellow Filipino PROUD. For Filipinos its more than winning but a humble pride we feel. I am actually at Malaysia when the fight was on. Of course it was been ever better when I am in the Philippines. It’s a little bit odd because I am alone here and with no Filipino with me. I am in a foreign land where makes me feel a little bit lonely and homesick. With this fight I witnessed makes me a little bit better well actually better than ever. Again, I just cant imagine what would be the glorious moment when I am in the Philippines when a lot of people is cheering to their CHAMP IDOL. I think it is more enjoyable to seize the moment. Manny’s triumph is Filipinos VICTORY at the same time.

In this way we are able to see our own selves, capable, strong, proud, dignified, recognized as FILIPINOS. For a matter of minutes or I say an hour, Filipino is UNITED in support of this BOXING CHAMP. For a while we forget our own problems, differences, conflicts and in my case being homesick. We should also start to see other Filipinos who excel and give pride to out country such as THE FILIPINO ALL STARS champion in HIP HOP, CHARICE who conquered the world with her VOICE, LEA SALONGA a World class Performer and a lot more. WE ARE FILIPINOS, WE ARE A NATION OF BRAVE PEOPLE, WITH GLORIOUS PAST,and RICH CULTURE… this is just to remind us all that we should be PROUD of ourselves and don’t let other oppress, bully and criticized us. Actually no, LET THEM, just don’t listen for we know deep inside we are GREAT. Hope that we will not end up here, you know, we have a life to continue and hoping that it would be better.

Watch it again and ENJOY.

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